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AI update: How Consumers Could Win When Alexa and Cortana Start Talking to Each Other

“You can call me old school but I’m very much a fan of the original Star Trek version where you would just say, ‘Computer,’” says David M. Garrity, CEO of research and consulting firm GVA Research, based in New York. “You talk to the computer and the computer responds.”

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According to G2 Crowd, “AI platforms are very similar to platforms as a service (PaaS), which allows for basic application development, but with machine learning options inside. It will become more common-place for all PaaS products to provide the same machine learning options as intelligent applications become the norm.”

So, with Microsoft Azure making a move in the leader category to start to rival AWS, it makes sense for the two companies to work together on AI interoperability. (See PaaS grid.)

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